Who am I?

I have a hard time defining who i am, not because i don’t actually know , but expressing yourself does not come easy to a person like me. Having multiple personalities means contradicting myself constantly.

So instead of telling you who i am, I’ll tell you who I’m not.

  • I’m not that girl who cries herself to sleep pitying herself because she feels rejected by the world. I’m my biggest fan and my own personal motivator
  • I’m not that girl who does things to get people’s attention, I’m quite direct and if I want your attention I’ll let you know and if you wont give it then I’ll move on, and yes it is that quick
  • I don’t dress to impress i dress to feel good, if I like it I’ll wear it and if you don’t have consolation knowing it wasn’t done with you in mind anyway
  • I don’t expect people to try hard to impress me because i still struggle to impress the one person whose opinion actually matters. Me
  • I don’t believe in lowering  my expectations because they’re “unrealistic” we all know that’s a word lazy people invented so they wouldn’t feel guilty about settling for second best. If i cant have the best then i wont have it at all
  • I don’t believe marriage is prison or whatever excuse people use nowadays to run away from commitment, and quite frankly its disgusting how people disrespect something so beautiful
  • I don’t support sexism never have never will. I believe in gender equity. If a man can do it, a woman can too!
  • I don’t believe in Racism .Its stupid and there’s no room for it in the 21st century, especially in 2014. We are all the same and we all stand for one race The Human Race

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