i <3 bikers

I love bikers. Now I’m not talking the typical freaky scary type that we always read about in the papers about the stir they cause and their never-ending road rage, of course this is all just stereotype whether true or not. However it is not this type that I speak of, I mean the freaky sexy type. The kind that when you see in action their movements appear in slow motion because you can’t help being drawn in by their I don’t know what  it’s just this element they posses that makes you wanna just stop what you’re doing and pay attention. I met one such biker not so long ago. OK so maybe we didn’t exactly “meet” he did however drive past me as i entered the gate and headed straight for my parking lot, he was, evidently, lost. Turns out he was going to see my neighbor but I’m getting there. So he parked his bike, took of his helmet, shook his head so his hair was bouncing side to side then he looked back and gave me the most sexiest look I ever received; all done in slow motion of-course, then again this could all have been in my head but I’m pretty sure those were the precise turn of events. So after standing there jaw dropped I realized I had been staring when my sister pushed my mouth closed and dragged me along to spare me further embarrassment. Like any normal person I rushed upstairs,to the window to see what happens next, my kitchen window has the best view of the parking lot so there I stood like an idiot but he was gone, i figured the time I’d spent putting on make up he’d already gone up to who ever it is he was visiting, but his bike was still there so I didn’t lose hope. I caught a glimpse of him as he exited my neighbor’s house (you don’t have to guess who my new best friend is) he was as i had expected everything i look for in a guy, tall-which automatically made him sexier and he had a perfect body, could tell he works out and while i was still day dreaming of what could be shared between us he started his bike and instead of heading straight for the gate he drove and looked right up at my bedroom window before blasting away,Image

but that’s not how I knew he totally wanted me too, it was the disappointment in his eyes as he realized I wasn’t standing there even after all the unnecessary revving to signal to me that he was leaving, I was after-all still standing at the kitchen window like I had been for the ten minutes that he had dedicated to his friend. But that look reassured me, I just knew it he’d be back, he will be back…not that I would have any idea even if he did, see I have this disease that keeps me from staying at home I just feel the need to just wake up and go, not that I don’t shower or anything but I love to explore it’s what I do and for me every new day is a day better than the last things today offers will always be better than what yesterday had to offer, I do hope I don’t lose interest in you biker friend, like I do for most people after knowing them for two weeks, and for what its worth, I enjoyed being infatuated by you.

back to reality…


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