I survived!!!

i thought i couldn’t do it

i thought i couldn’t live without you

i thought without you my life would be over

well guess who’s alive and kicking

You tried to break me, but that only broke you further

you never could handle that i was independent could you?

you never could handle that i was in control?

maybe you even wondered how i did it

all you had to do was ask

Ask- how i can be so calm when insulted

Ask- how i can be so collected when am crying on the inside

Ask- why even after pushing me away i still took u back

Maybe its because i loved you

Maybe even after everything you do deserve to be loved

Or maybe i was your last chance and you don’t get another

I thought my heart was broken, i was convinced it was this time

But like a hangover all i needed was a cup of coffee and i was cured from the curse that is you

You weren’t that strong after all

Too inlove with the idea of being inlove- for that i blame myself.

Until then you”ll always remember me as the Queen you let walk by because even when you had me in your hands you never did believe even a peasant could be a King.

Ps- watch Maleficent

*all this could’ve been yours

Not anymore…